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Here are some places I’ve lost my keys in the past week: my refrigerator, my underwear drawer, my bathtub.

I have ADHD, a disorder marked by inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

So does my brother, but he was diagnosed at 5 years old. I was not diagnosed until I was 21. That’s because ADHD presents very differently in women. As a kid, my brother was a hyperactive troublemaker who frequently found himself in the principal’s office. His grades were poor, and ADHD was brought up early.

I have woken up to a red alert warning for Storm Emma. Niall just got a text saying all schools are closed, I’m on my way back up to bed. Looking out the window the 'Wild Atlantic' is just that. Except the storm is not in full force. The sea looks as if it does not know if it is coming or going.  The water is dark grey with brown undertones, sucking sludge up from the sea floor. Short lines of foam struggle at its surface, sprouting randomly as early storm winds clash with the tidal pull.

An older woman has come to terms with her ADHD — and thrived in her career in spite of her challenges — but still wishes her family and friends weren’t so dismissive of the struggles that come with the disorder.

All of my life I believed that I had a learning disability. Finally, after I turned 60, I began hearing about ADHD in adults.

It might still be wrongly associated with uncontrollable young boys, but Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects thousands of adult women – like Ness Lyons. It’s crucial we learn to understand it, she says 

You may have experienced one or more of the normal transitions in hormonal levels during adulthood that can affect ADHD symptoms in women: pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopauseDuring pregnancy, women can experience significant improvement to their ADHD symptoms as levels of oestrogen increase.