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“I need you to know. I want to explain. I have a very different brain.”

In this illuminating video, 7-year-old Giuliana Margolis invites you to take her hand and walk through a day of ADHD challenges at home, on the playground, and in the classroom. From impulsivity to distractibility to extreme emotions, “Take My Hand” offers a child’s-eye view of typical ADHD symptoms — all explained via a touching poem by Andrea Chesterman-Smith.

Cillian is a student of Engineering and Communications at NUI Maynooth. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 8. He shares his story and experiences of living with ADHD.

The mission of HADD Ireland is to make life easier for people with ADHD. We believe that there is nothing more powerful than people telling their own stories. Why? Because it helps to break the stigma associated with ADHD.

In part 2 of 3 video interviews with Dr. David Carey we discuss Parent-School Communication for students with ADHD.

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In part one of an interview with Dr. David Carey, he discusses behaviour management for kids. He outlines some negative experiences using examples and discusses the impact on the child and their learning.