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Schoolboy, 12, with ADHD given ‘most likely to be distracted award’ with picture of zombie on it by teacher!  Derek Cooper was reduced to tears when he was given the mock award in front of classmates at Plainfield Central School in Connecticut.

It read: “'Most likely to be distracted by… look something shiny!" and was accompanied by a zombie being held up by a balloon.

I bought my second planner of the year today. Do not ask me where the first one is. I do not know.

I do know that I only used it once even though I loved it and, quite honestly, needed it.
My scattered thoughts and disorganized mind have never let me consistently use an organizational tool. I am going to try again, though.

It is just what happens when you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I was diagnosed in fourth grade and put on a drug called Focalin. It is a stimulant, much like Ritalin and Adderal, but it is less frequently prescribed.

An older woman has come to terms with her ADHD — and thrived in her career in spite of her challenges — but still wishes her family and friends weren’t so dismissive of the struggles that come with the disorder.

All of my life I believed that I had a learning disability. Finally, after I turned 60, I began hearing about ADHD in adults.

Until the wider world understands and appreciates the amazing, wonderful, energizing benefits that ADHD brings to the workplace, I have to keep the secret source of my CEO super-powers to myself!

The author, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has been CEO of several companies during his successful career.