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Lately, I keep seeing this commercial on TV. An on-the-go mom keeps getting phone alerts — text messages and reminders about a meeting or something to buy at the grocery store. I don’t know if it’s advertising a car or a smart phone, because I always lose interest around when she gets a text message from her son, “Forgot my tuba.” In the next scene, she’s at the school handing him the instrument. Then they hug, smile at each other, and wave goodbye. It’s at this point that I change the channel.

As you would be aware, parenting a child with ADHD can be confusing, tiring and frustrating.

On any given day, our kids may struggle to get organised on time, require constant prompting, make impulsive decisions or poor choices, miss social cues, and have frequent emotional outbursts in response to seemingly insignificant problems. They can also appear irresponsible, self-centred and ungrateful, and create noisy chaos wherever they go.

HADD-ADHD Ireland Ireland’s support organisation for people with ADHD, is delighted to let you know that internationally renowned expert Fintan Regan who is also a former teacher and principal for children with ADHD will be delivering a full day course which will deliver a range of practical strategies to support learning, behavioural and socialisation objectives within schools and the home environment.

We will also focus on how teachers and parents and carers can work in partnership to meet the needs of children and young persons with ADHD and co-existing conditions.

Something beautiful happens when you set expectations for your child with ADHD based on who they are and where they are today. It’s called success and happiness.

 One thing I keep telling the parents of kids with ADHD who I work with — coaching clients and online course students —is: Place the parenting rulebook in the rubbish bin, please. This is my No. 1 priority for parents raising kids with neuro-atypical challenges.

Parenting is hard enough for neurotypical people! It is even more challenging for those who have ADHD. Impulsiveness, forgetfulness, disorganization, time perception issues and distractibility, among other symptoms of the condition, make the tasks involved in running a household and raising a family much tougher.