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The son of former President Patrick Hillery has resigned from his post as a psychiatrist in the HSE in protest at the state of mental health services which left him "ethically compromised".

Dr John Hillery worked in the mental health and intellectual disability services for nearly 30 years.

He described how in his own case the lack of a respite service for young men with autism, who suffer behavioural distress, left him with no option but to prescribe them medication to relieve this.

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The HSE Mental Health division have issued the below and are looking for submissions on the operating procedures for CAMHS Services. We are sure you have lots to say!

THE HSE could face hundreds of legal actions over delays in carrying out special needs assessments of children with a range of conditions including autism, the High Court has heard.

The delays in carrying out the multi-disciplinary assessments extend for periods up to two years and the reasons include an insufficient number of psychologists.