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Adult Diagnosis

Angus Walker, ITV correspondent, has written about his ADHD diagnosis which explains his difficult behaviour earlier in his life

A casual chat with a doctor led to finding out why my life has been at times chaotic, troubled and difficult. He was nodding away at my answers as he asked about my childhood. Was I often in trouble at school ? Yes. Often in detention? Yes. Always being told off? Yes.

I have woken up to a red alert warning for Storm Emma. Niall just got a text saying all schools are closed, I’m on my way back up to bed. Looking out the window the 'Wild Atlantic' is just that. Except the storm is not in full force. The sea looks as if it does not know if it is coming or going.  The water is dark grey with brown undertones, sucking sludge up from the sea floor. Short lines of foam struggle at its surface, sprouting randomly as early storm winds clash with the tidal pull.

Great article in today's Irish Times Health Supplement on getting an ADHD Diagnosis as an adult!

As a mature student at UCC, John Doyle is all too aware of the challenges that face him, now that he has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). But the Tralee-born first-year student, who also works as a theatre director in Cork, doesn’t see his condition as a disorder.