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The condition makes it difficult to concentrate and organize, but those with ADHD can still be high performers. The key is preparation.

Mini Muckers 2019 - Be part of the MAD HADDERS Team!

We would love if you and/or your children could join our fun MAD HADDERS team and be part of Mini Muckers 2019, an event taking place in Punchestown on Saturday April 13th 2019 for 7yrs+. 


Mums, dads, coaches, pull out the old sports gear because you are going to get muddy!!! It is a 2.5km obstacle mud run for kids and adults aged 7yrs+ over varied terrain and water. It’s a day of fun, laughter and mud! 


Get signed up as part of The Mad HADDERS team with your kids and come have a fantastic muddy day out!!


I don’t want to jinx it, but I feel like we’ve had a pretty good couple weeks in terms of PR for ADHDers.

Very recently, journalist Yashar Ali posted a brilliant Twitter thread about ADHD that went viral. In the thread, Ali revealed his ADHD diagnosis and talked about how ADHD affects his life.

Bray Parent Support Group 19/3

Would you like to chat to other parents who are experiencing the same challenges as you are. Come join our Bray support group. These peer to peer sessions, enable parents to support, share experiences and guide each other through the challenges they face daily.

Next Meeting in

The Martello Hotel

Tuesday March 19th


For more information give us a call on 01 8748349 or register on

People aged between 12 and 20 arrested for "impulsive crimes" should receive mandatory testing for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, MPs have said. Something we should consider for Ireland. 

The All Party Parliamentary Group for ADHD say compulsory testing should also be introduced for anyone sent to jail.