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Children and teens with ADHD, learning disabilities, or certain related disorders benefit enormously from occupational therapy. But since a trained occupational therapist is not always accessible or affordable, here are 6 OT-honed tools that parents can use at home to foster independence and improve their child’s success rates at school and in life.

About this Event

We are delighted that the National Council for Special Education (NCSE) will be giving us an overview of their service along with taking your questions/queries/comments on the night! They will be bringing a full-team along with an expert available on primary school, another on secondary school and a SENO!

Angus Walker, ITV correspondent, has written about his ADHD diagnosis which explains his difficult behaviour earlier in his life

A casual chat with a doctor led to finding out why my life has been at times chaotic, troubled and difficult. He was nodding away at my answers as he asked about my childhood. Was I often in trouble at school ? Yes. Often in detention? Yes. Always being told off? Yes.

November ADULT Support Groups

Would you like to join our Support meetings to discuss concerns, issues & your experiences of ADHD in your relationships / home /  work life. These monthly peer to peer sessions enable individuals affected by ADHD to support and guide each other through the challenges they face daily.

Professional speakers will be introduced to the group over time.


Adult Groups: