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Our perception of time — or lack thereof — lays the foundation for our biggest struggles. As Dr. Russell Barkley explains it, ADHD “disrupts the fabric of time.” And while time feels like it should be a simple concept, ADHD’s time-blindness finds some complicated ways to hurt us.

Nationwide Parent Support: September

Would you like to join our Support meetings to discuss concerns, issues & your experiences of ADHD in your home /  school life. These monthly peer to peer sessions enable parents affected by ADHD to support and guide each other through the challenges they face daily. Professional speakers will be introduced to the group over time.

Dublin - Carmichael House, Nth. Brunswick St. D7     18/9         7-9pm                      Tralee - Meadowlands Hotel                                      20/9         7-8.30pm

Liberal Democrats have called on the Scottish Government to develop a new strategy to help adults suffering from ADHD.

Members at the party's Scottish conference in Dunfermline, Fife, passed a motion which also demanded "urgent" action from health services to make it easier for adults to be diagnosed with the condition.