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Sign the European Pledge on ADHD and Share Your Story

Aliance for change - sign the pledge

Give a voice to people with ADHD across Europe

HADD Ireland is supporting the European-wide campaign to support people affected by ADHD. There are three parts to this campaign – signing a pledge, sharing your story and presentation of the campaign to the European Parliament.

Sign the Pledge

The Pledge says “I want to add my voice to the ADHD Alliance for Change campaign. By raising awareness about ADHD in this way, we can change attitudes and policies to support people with ADHD to fulfil their potential. “

Please add your voice to the ADHD Alliance for Change by signing the pledge and showing your support. You can sign the pledge here.

Share your Story

Whether you have ADHD, or are a parent, family member, teacher, doctor or friend of someone with ADHD say what would you like to change about your experience with ADHD and why?

Make your voice heard: be part of the project to share your experience of ADHD and show what needs to change. You could say how people perceive ADHD, their attitude towards ADHD in general and what you would change. For example, you might want to change the level of support given to you and your family, how ADHD affects you at school or work or even how ADHD is described in the media.

Stories will be anonymised. You will not be asked for your name. You can give a pen name, your age and your country.  Your story will be read to inform the report which will be then be produced. Your story may be included in the report.

Every story is important. So please share your story here.

Presentation of the Pledges and Voices Report to the European Parliament.

The pledge, with the total number of supporters, will be presented to the European Parliament in 2014 along with the report on the experiences of ADHD in Europe today based on stories received. The report will make recommendations to drive change in attitudes and policies towards ADHD in Europe.

As well as the European Report HADD Ireland will have our own national report which we can use to lobby Irish policy makers.

The ADHD Alliance for Change is a European project led by a Steering Committee of independent experts in ADHD, initiated, developed and funded by the pharmaceutical company Shire with the help of the Just::Health Communications secretariat.  The Steering Committee has a heavy Irish involvement  i.e.  our vice-chair Kate Carr Fanning and Professor Fiona McNicholas, consultant child psychiatrist.

Through the voices of those affected by ADHD, the ADHD Alliance for Change aims to create a better understanding of the condition as well as providing recommendations for change to existing European policies and attitudes toward ADHD.