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Parenting Courses

HADD Ireland’s Parenting Courses (Parents Plus for ADHD):

HADD Ireland runs parenting courses for parents of younger children who have had a diagnosis of ADHD and others for parents of teenagers who have ADHD.  These are designed by Dr Carol Fitzpatrick, who is the co-developer of the award winning Parents Plus Programmes, which are practical and positive, evidence-based parenting courses ( Carol developed an adapted version of this excellent program for parents of children with ADHD.

They are also facilitated by an experienced representative from HADD, who either has ADHD themselves and/or is a parent of a child or adult with ADHD.

All courses have been very successful and this is some of the feedback we received : 

"Thanks so much for being so brilliant through the hard days and helping us in more ways than you know"

"Thank you so much for time, love and invaluable advice"

"A thousand thanks, this has been the first respite as a mum"