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ADHD Poems


spark plugs

damp or dry

damp and dry

cant say why

firing and missing

on all cylinders

what can i

do but try

and keep a

bin lid on things

dump the ordinary

keep the sublime

is this just

a whine

or is this

my destiny

for the next decade

or two or three

the mystery to me

is now over

couldn’t say im

rolling in the red clover

it’s a pity

i did not get

the spark plugs tuned

many moons ago

so much suffering

could have been saved

from rage to rave

and the ridiculous

brain wave.


Peter Mc Ginnity ©2018


The A.D.D Child


by Pat Ryan 1997


Have you ever seen the turmoil a single child can cause

from sunrise to sunset, he can go without a pause

he drives his parents crazy, his teachers up the tree

but he can't really help this,  'cause he has A.D.D.


Some doctors and some friends of mine, some teachers too - so I'm told

who dont know what is A.D.D and think the child is bold!

they talk about his parents and say they're to blame

but they have other children who just are not the same


This child who is so loving, so trusting and so kind

but people who dont understand - they say I must be blind

and when I try explaining, they tell me to 'get real'

not thinking for one moment, just how this child must feel!


This child has constant turmoil going round inside his brain

he looks at other children and knows he's not the same

and it's up to us, as people, as school as well as home

to make this friendless child does not feel all alone


The moral of this story, and I’m sure you all agree,

is, remember but for the Grace of God, this could be you or me


This poem says it all... A.D.H.D

Take my hand and come with me
I want to teach you about ADHD 
I need you to know, I want to explain, 
I have a very different brain
Sights sounds and thoughts collide
What to do first? I can't decide
Please understand I'm not to blame
I just can't process things the same

Take my hand and come with me 
let me show you about ADHD
I try to behave, I want to be good
But I sometimes forget to do as I should
Walk with me and wear my shoes
You'll see its not the way I'd choose
I do know what I'm supposed to do
But my brain is slow getting the message through

Take my hand and talk with me
I want to tell you about ADHD
I rarely think before I talk
I often run when I should walk
It's hard to get my school work done
My thoughts are outside having fun
I never know just where to start
I think with my feelings and see with my heart

Take my hand and stand by me
I need you to know about ADHD
It's hard to explain but I want you to know
I can't help letting my feelings show
Sometimes I'm angry, jealous or sad
I feel overwhelmed, frustrated and mad
I can't concentrate and I loose all my stuff 
I try really hard but it's never enough

Take my hand and learn with me
We need to know more about ADHD
I worry a lot about getting things wrong
everything I do takes twice as long
everyday is exhausting for me
Looking through the fog of ADHD
I'm often so misunderstood 
I would change in a heartbeat if I could

Take my hand and listen to me
I want to share a secret about ADHD
I want you to know there is more to me
I'm not defined by it you see
I'm sensitive, kind and lots of fun
I'm blamed for things I haven't done
I'm the loyalist friend you'll ever know
I just need a chance to let it show

Take my hand and look at me
Just forget about the ADHD
I have real feelings just like you
The love in my heart is just as true
I may have a brain that can never rest
But please understand I'm trying my best
I want you to know, I need you to see
I'm more than the label, I am still me!!!!

Andrea Chesterman Smith