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Call for Parents to participate in a study by Trinity College Dublin

Study to understand how teachers, parents, and clinicians might use a computer application for monitoring ADHD.

My name is Amy Callahan, I am an educational psychologist and researcher in Trinity College. I am currently working on a project in the computer science department where we are trying to create an app (i-phone, smartphone, tablet) to help teachers and parents monitor and track behaviour associated with ADHD.

I am looking for parents that might be interested in being involved for a brief interview.  In the interviews I show people a sketch of what an app would look like and ask their opinion on the different features.

Interested parents can contact me by email at



The first phase of the project involves an hour-long interview where you will be asked to talk about how you are typically involved in the assessment and monitoring of ADHD and the challenges you face in monitoring behaviour. Also during this interview, you will be shown a paper prototype of a computer/tablet-based application for monitoring behaviour. During this stage you will be asked to comment on which aspects you might find particularly useful and which aspects you might like changed. After this, we will be creating the computer/tablet-based application tool.

If you agree to participate in the second part of the study (usability testing), you will be asked to interact with a working prototype of the tool. At this stage, you will be audio recorded, a person will observe you, and your screen will be captured for analysis purposes. Following this, you will be asked to fill out a small satisfaction and usability questionnaire.

All data collected will be used for the purposes of improving the tool and may lead to publication in journal format, research document or research presentation. All audio recordings will be kept under password protection and when transcribed, identifying information (names and places) will be made anonymous and it will be impossible to trace the material back to you.

The original data (audio and screen recording) will be kept secure and will not be circulated outside of the research team. It will not be used in any oral presentation of the work or in any medium that allows people to freely download individual recordings.

Participation is entirely voluntary, and you have the right to withdraw from the study at any time without providing a reason for your decision.