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Tips for students on ADHD and Studying

Some of the characteristics of ADHD include concentration problems, inattention to details, forgetfulness and communication problems. ADHD students share common problems in class, and there are strategies to address these problems. ADHD students often answer out of turn or interrupt teachers.

  • Remember to wait until your teacher stops talking to ask a question.
  • Go ahead and write down your questions before speaking.
  • When you don’t understand directions, ask your teacher to break the directions down into steps.
  • Good note taking is important for studying, so if you are ADHD bring a tape recorder to class or study with a class member.
  • Ask your teacher for notes to the lecture.
  • When doing homework, find a quiet place with few distractions. It my help to go outside your home to a library or some other quiet place to study.
  • Establish a routine.
  • Keep all of your assignments together.
  • Write down a list of questions that you may have about the assignment or the class.
  • Make sure that you use all the help available to you. Including electronic help such as spell and grammar check.
  • If you have ADHD, do not hesitate to get help from your school counsellor or year head.
  • Tell your teacher about your learning problems.
  • Ask for help when you need it.

Tips for students for exam preparation

  • Ideally you need to start studying right at the beginning of your study term.
  • Take good notes throughout the term & study from the notes.
  • Use flash cards to help you to memorise information.
  • Use past exam papers to identify trends.
  • Approach your teacher for advice.
  • Plan your answers leaving enough time to attempt every question.