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ADHD and 3rd Level

A supplementary admissions route can be available via DARE  (Disability Access Route to Education) to allow students under 23, who meet several criteria, access courses in participating third level colleges by reducing the number of CAO points that can be achieved by the student.

ADHD qualifies as a disability within the DARE scheme but you need to check the application criteria and procedure which are outlined on the DARE website

Those wanting to avail of reduced points need to state on the CAO form that the student has a disability or specific learning difficulty. Even if the supplementary admissions route is not needed or granted where students have special education needs this process also opens up a range a very significant special educational services at many third level colleges. For details contact the disability services at the colleges listed on the DARE website.


HADD endeavours to ensure that children and young people with ADHD reach their potential and for many that means moving onto 3rd level education.  So, armed with the knowledge that students with ADHD had successfully navigated 3rd level education and mindful of all the supports needed and available to them we decided to produce a guide that would make it easier for those with ADHD moving on to 3rd level education.

HADD had already produced a book in relation to primary and secondary education entitled “ADHD and Education, a Resource for Teachers” which we sent to every primary and secondary school in the country. We were therefore delighted when Declan Reilly of the Disability Support Services in Trinity College approached us with his proposal for a 3rd level book.

We would like to thank Declan Reilly for his hard work, dedication and perseverance with our never ending suggestions and amendments. We would also like to thank AHEAD for their financial support and to thank all those who provided input.

Finally we hope that this book will help students attending 3rd level and encourage more to do so. There should be no reason why students with ADHD should not reach their full potential.

Download the HADD 3rd Level Guide for Students with ADHD

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