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Our next webinar!

Our next webinar!

Barbara Luther, Director of Training at the ADD Coach Academy is doing another talk for us on this Thursday (25th) at 8.00pm.  She didn't get through all her material in the earlier webinar on 'Identifying ADHD Strengths and Designing Environments for Success', so we're doing a Part 2 of that session!

We're going to try a different format this time -- the session will be audio only which allows you to participate directly with Barbara.  Everyone will be able to hear people's questions and Barbara's answers. That allows for much more interaction (and less distraction with no video or slideshow!). This session will give you a better understanding of what supports a person with ADHD needs to thrive.  Barbara will leave time for questions. We look forward to hearing you on the 25th.

There is no need to register, no accounts to set up, no software to download, you just need to dial in, the number is +353-90-646-4162, then when prompted the access code will be 613-307-751. 

Please note this webinar is aimed at adults with ADHD.