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Go ride your bike!

Specialized, via its charitible arm the Specialized Foundation – has produced a stunning new video on how riding bikes can alleviate the symptoms of ADHD.

Specialized founder and CEO, Mike Sinyard, has long dealt with the effects of ADHD in his own life. The inability to stay focused and being easily distracted was something he had grown to just accept as “normal.” Yet, he noticed that those symptoms seemed to dissipate after returning from a ride. Mike also saw the positive benefits that riding has had on his son, Anthony, who also suffered from ADHD. So when the Bicycling Magazine article “Riding Is my Ritalin” came across his desk, he decided that it was time to explore whether or not there really was science behind riding’s impact on the brain.

The Specialized Foundation supports cutting-edge research to investigate how aerobic exercise, specifically cycling, can become an integral part of a comprehensive treatment program for kids suffering with ADHD. 

The one-minute film was shot by Tonic Films and directed by British commercials director Johnny Green. It was produced by San Francisco agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners – the company's Rich Silverstein suffers from ADHD as does Green. And the film's actors also suffer from suffer from ADHD in real life.