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Do you have an infant 20 months or younger who has a first degree relative with ADHD (sibling or parent)?

UCD Babylab Team are currently running a study exploring group differences between children with ADHD within the family and those without.The aim of this study is to help identify if there may be any early indicators for ADHD for future research. Research such as this is in its infancy - excuse the pun!! But, we hope it will contribute to increasing our understanding of ADHD development and ultimately help contribute to developing early intervention in the future.  So, if you are a parent with an infants 20 months and younger, with a sibling or parent with ADHD - we need your help and would love to hear from you!!  If you are interested in getting more information or taking part in the study you can with contact us by e-mailing, or call Michelle on 01 7168410. Alternatively, you can click the link below to our home page. Here you will find more information on the UCD Babylab and you can input your contact details to get more information about the project or book a time with us.  Looking forward to hearing from you,Kindest regards, The UCD Babylab Team

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