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4 ways to help your partner cope with ADHD!

ADHD in adults can have a severe impact on relationships.

We normally associate ADHD with young children. The condition is however also prevalent in adults, and not only affects their daily activities and career, but also their relationships.

Fidgeting, a lack of concentration, inability to finish a task, a short attention span and impulsive behaviour – these were once thought of as something only occurring in young children and teenagers. Nowadays there is a bigger awareness of the prevalence of adult ADHD, and with more research being done medical professionals now realise how profoundly ADHD can impact the lives of adults. 

A big challenge is when a partner misinterprets ADHD symptoms. Symptoms in adults differ from those in children, making diagnosis harder. A person might not even know that their spouse suffers from ADHD. ADHD is often misdiagnosed in both children and adults, making it difficult to determine the cause of your partner's troublesome behaviour.

If your spouse is diagnosed with ADHD, there are some practical tips on how to cope:

1. Do adequate research

If your partner suffers from ADHD, educate yourself properly. Understand the symptoms and the cause, as well as when certain behaviour patterns are likely to be triggered or aggravated.

2. Discuss a proper treatment plan 

ADHD is a disorder that requires proper treatment. Seek medical help or help from a counsellor and discuss the steps for treatment.

3. Empathise with your partner

While it can be hard to maintain a relationship when your spouse seems absent or distracted, remember that this is not about you, but in fact, symptoms of a disorder. A person with ADHD often experiences feelings of disappointment and frustration, which can be mistaken as being selfish. Take a step back and get a more objective view of the situation.

4. Focus on the positives

Don’t focus too much on relationship problems connected with your partner’s ADHD. Focus on their wonderful qualities, things that make you laugh, the good times and why you became a couple in the first place.