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HADD-ADHD Ireland is delighted to be involved in this seminar outlying the best practices in ADHD treatment! While aimed at professionals if you would like to attend this one-off event please use the link here:

(Registration fee €100)

9:00 - 9:30              Registration and Coffee

9:30 - 9:45              Chairperson’s Welcome:

Most people are neurologically equipped to determine what’s important and get motivated to do it, even when it doesn’t interest them. Then there are the rest of us, who have attention deficit — ADHD — and the brain that goes along with it.

As you would be aware, parenting a child with ADHD can be confusing, tiring and frustrating.

On any given day, our kids may struggle to get organised on time, require constant prompting, make impulsive decisions or poor choices, miss social cues, and have frequent emotional outbursts in response to seemingly insignificant problems. They can also appear irresponsible, self-centred and ungrateful, and create noisy chaos wherever they go.

Poor, inconsistent sleep (and the meltdowns that so often follow) is one of ADHD’s most debilitating symptoms. There is no magic cure, but parents who follow these guidelines do report more restful hours and less stress.

Our perception of time — or lack thereof — lays the foundation for our biggest struggles. As Dr. Russell Barkley explains it, ADHD “disrupts the fabric of time.” And while time feels like it should be a simple concept, ADHD’s time-blindness finds some complicated ways to hurt us.


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