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HADD's mission is to make life better for people affected by ADHD

The Graeme Watkins Project group members uses music as a creative outlet to deal with the condition. 

Graeme says more education is needed in workplaces to help create better understanding and acceptance, as working with ADHD is not always easy - especially when people have no idea what they are dealing with. 

Despite the challenges ADHD pose, many people with the condition have great imaginations and are very creative. Which explains why Graeme is a music genius! 

He has learned to embrace his ADHD, and does not see it as an hindrance. 

OLYMPIC hero and Strictly winner Louis Smith is using his experience of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to mentor schoolchildren.

Gymnast Louis gives talks to encourage children to “follow their dreams” and take inspiration from his own battles. He is regularly approached by parents of children with ADHD since revealing it is a condition he suffered as a child from the age of seven.


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