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HADD's mission is to make life better for people affected by ADHD

Children on medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are unable to be discharged due to a lack of a care pathway that appropriately meets their needs.

According to Ms Sonia Magaharan, Clinical Nurse Specialist, North Cork Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, access to the service for children with ADHD needs to be maximised through the provision of a specialist neurodevelopment team, similar to that in the UK.

Most people are neurologically equipped to determine what’s important and get motivated to do it, even when it doesn’t interest them. Then there are the rest of us, who have attention deficit — ADHD or ADD — and the brain that goes along with it.

Here are some places I’ve lost my keys in the past week: my refrigerator, my underwear drawer, my bathtub.

I have ADHD, a disorder marked by inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

So does my brother, but he was diagnosed at 5 years old. I was not diagnosed until I was 21. That’s because ADHD presents very differently in women. As a kid, my brother was a hyperactive troublemaker who frequently found himself in the principal’s office. His grades were poor, and ADHD was brought up early.

Inattentiveness that children with ADHD show in the classroom is related to underdeveloped working memory

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may fidget, tap and swivel around in a chair much more than normally developing children because it helps them to learn complex material, psychologists have found. 

For individuals with ADD/ADHD wiring, who have challenges with consistency, lack of motivation, addiction, anxiety and distractibility, building mindfulness is essential.

ADHD and Yoga connection

Hatha Yoga practice steers individuals to master certain breathing techniques, postures, and cognitive control which results in increasing mindfulness. Mindfulness at the heart of every yoga practice brings the biggest benefit:

• Relaxation and quieting of the mind

• Improved Focus

• Improved levels of flexibility


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