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HADD's mission is to make life better for people affected by ADHD

In the classroom environment, teachers can help create a focus for children with ADHD by implementing several structures into their daily practice. According to O’Regan (2006), if the key to buying and selling property is ‘location, location, and location’, then the key to teaching children with ADHD is ‘structure, structure and structure”. These structures may include the use of a regular timetable, the presentation of new material in a step-by-step manner and the provision of short, clear instructions.

In part 2 of 3 video interviews with Dr. David Carey we discuss Parent-School Communication for students with ADHD.

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In part one of an interview with Dr. David Carey, he discusses behaviour management for kids. He outlines some negative experiences using examples and discusses the impact on the child and their learning.



Going back to school after the long summer break is a difficult task for most kids but for kids with ADHD the transition can be so more challenging. Implementing some basic organisation skills can make a big difference for them at school and home.

Colour Coding

A good start is to have text books, copies and folders all colour coded as per each subject with a nominated colour on the spine. This can often be a helpful aid. It supports the student being organised and remembering to bring the appropriate materials to class.


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