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Our next webinar!

Barbara Luther, Director of Training at the ADD Coach Academy is doing another talk for us on this Thursday (25th) at 8.00pm.  She didn't get through all her material in the earlier webinar on 'Identifying ADHD Strengths and Designing Environments for Success', so we're doing a Part 2 of that session!

If you are an adult looking to get more information on getting a diagnosis or on other supports that maybe available for you please call us on 01-874 8349 Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5.30pm (or leave a message and we will get back to you!). If you prefer please drop us an email to


If you would like to listenback to the recent RTE Radio article on Adult ADHD, please click here:

Presenter, DJ, comedian, dad of twins, fundraiser and someone with ADHD – Ryan Swain is up for two Yorkshire Choice awards.  “I wouldn’t be the performer I am today if I didn’t have ADHD,” says Ryan Swain.
“People often concentrate on the negative side of conditions like ADHD, but I wouldn’t be able to do everything I do, if I didn’t have and I learnt early on to accept who I am. There is a dark side to ADHD, and maybe for four or five days a year I get down and take myself off until I feel more positive.”

Friends of Autism/ADHD Ltd are delighted to once again be in a position to fund a number of Psychological Assessments for young people with possible ASD/ADD/ADHD.  The Assessment will consist of an Educational Assessment by Ann Prosser, licensed, certified clinical psychologist. 

Along with the Assessment, Friends of Autism/ADHD provide a confidential Advocacy Service for any parent who wishes to discuss the possible impact of the Assessment and how to move forward after a diagnosis. 


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