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In the second part of our interview with Fintan O'Regan, Fintan talks about the difference in how ADHD presents in boys and in girls and the ratio between its presentation in each.  He discusses changes in DSM V. He also talks about how ADHD occurs across all socio-economic sectors.

Our thanks to Fintan for doing these interviews for HADD Ireland.

No Two Children The Same

In Part One of our interview with Fintan O'Regan, he discusses using different approaches and teaching methods for children with ADHD.  Fintan  outlines the need for early diagnosis of co-existing conditions. He also talks about what parents can do to help teachers and the importance of home - school communication. Fintan is a Behaviour and Learning Expert on ADHD. Article

The Forgotten Mourners

“There is no grief like the grief that does not speak.”

H. W. Longfellow

Children's Grief Awareness Day

Generally speaking, a student’s academic success can be facilitated by their teacher’s ability to adapt and differentiate their teaching methodologies to facilitate the learning needs of their students. Because students with ADHD attend both mainstream and special schools, teachers need to carefully differentiate and adapt their instruction to enable these students to engage in learning across the curriculum.

The increase in age for onset of ADHD symptoms was undertaken in DSM-V in recognition of the fact that a significant number of individuals do not show overt symptoms until the demands of the environment exceed the ability of the person's brain to adjust to them. It is not uncommon, for example. for children entering secondary school to begin to experience significant attention and concentration deficits. This is often because the intense work load they face is something their brain cannot process adequately.


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