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HADD's mission is to make life better for people affected by ADHD

After 30 years of teaching and counselling teens with ADHD, I have come to realize one thing: Nothing makes a bigger difference than a strong, genuine connection. Here are some off-beat, ADHD-friendly ideas for forging one.

Going to College. A Guide for Students with ADHD

For anyone going from 2nd level education to 3rd level, it is an adventure, a whole new way of learning and education awaits you. There can be challenges too, if you have ADHD. Working with AHEAD and stuffed with useful information, hints and tips, we have developed this booklet to help you meet those challenges. ADHD Ireland envisages a future where all individuals affected by ADHD are included, supported, and empowered in all contexts of their lives (e.g. school, work, home, and socially) to participate fully within, benefit from, and contribute meaningfully to Irish society. ADHD Ireland is the national organisation that will enable this. We hope you find this guide useful and may we wish you every success on your journey through 3rd level, wherever it takes you!  

You may have experienced one or more of the normal transitions in hormonal levels during adulthood that can affect ADHD symptoms in women: pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopauseDuring pregnancy, women can experience significant improvement to their ADHD symptoms as levels of oestrogen increase.

Dear Parent,

 This study is being carried out by Dr. Blanaid Gavin, Associate Professor in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry & Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. Dr. Gavin is working on this project with two colleagues Professor Fiona McNicholas and Professor Gary O’Reilly. Dr. Gavin and Professor McNicholas are based in the School of Medicine and Professor O’Reilly is based in the School of Psychology.

ADHD in adults can have a severe impact on relationships.

We normally associate ADHD with young children. The condition is however also prevalent in adults, and not only affects their daily activities and career, but also their relationships.


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