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Imagine trying to juggle a full life of work and home demands when focus is almost impossible: That's everyday life for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Here, adults with ADHD reveal their tricks for managing the carnival in their brain.

Set aside time for stuff that isn't urgent

Until the wider world understands and appreciates the amazing, wonderful, energizing benefits that ADHD brings to the workplace, I have to keep the secret source of my CEO super-powers to myself!

The author, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has been CEO of several companies during his successful career.

Great article on when both the parent and child have ADHD and some great ideas to get through the day!

Negotiating your child’s ADHD when you have ADHD can feel almost insurmountable. The genetics of ADHD are so strong that it’s not uncommon for a parent to have ADHD (quite often undiagnosed), or to experience traits of it. ADHD impacts executive function, the cognitive skills we use to organize and manage our lives, undermining the exact skills used to manage ADHD in the first place.

I was diagnosed with ADHD, Combined Type, in 1993 when I was 41 years old.  It was not until the early ’90s that clinicians considered ADHD as a possible diagnosis for adults because it was erroneously thought at that time that ADHD was a childhood disorder that people grew out of in late adolescence.  I first learned about ADHD at a professional conference that I attended and remember thinking to myself upon hearing the diagnostic criteria and validation of ADHD continuing into adulthood, “Well, this explains a lot about my life” and “I wish someone had told me about this years ago!”

For the adult affected by ADHD, the negative comments from a lifetime of struggling with ADHD symptoms can lead to harsh internal monologues. Self-compassion becomes a skill, as the adult learns to accept mistakes and develop resilience.


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