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HADD's mission is to make life better for people affected by ADHD

UCD are looking for parents of children with infants who are from 10 months old up to 60 months old to get involved in our new babylab study at UCD. This study looks at how attention develops in the context of everyday life. We are looking for families with and without a history of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This means that we want both children who have an older sibling and/or parent with an ADHD diagnosis as well as families with no known history of ADHD.

Something beautiful happens when you set expectations for your child with ADHD based on who they are and where they are today. It’s called success and happiness.

 One thing I keep telling the parents of kids with ADHD who I work with — coaching clients and online course students —is: Place the parenting rulebook in the rubbish bin, please. This is my No. 1 priority for parents raising kids with neuro-atypical challenges.

Promoter and resource for jazz in Ireland, Improvised Music Company present ADHD who are an Icelandic slow-jazz quartet, playing their first Dublin gig tomorrow night, which the Irish Times has described as "A lo-fi cinematic landscape of quirky melodies, slow burn grooves and ecstatic climaxes...” .  So for no other than we share the name ‘ADHD’ , they have given us two tickets for you to win!

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Parenting is hard enough for neurotypical people! It is even more challenging for those who have ADHD. Impulsiveness, forgetfulness, disorganization, time perception issues and distractibility, among other symptoms of the condition, make the tasks involved in running a household and raising a family much tougher.

Great piece on Ryan Tubrity’s show yesterday when John Doyle spoke to Ryan about being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as an adult and the influence it has on his day-to-day life and his first year studying law in UCC as a mature student. Go on you need to listen to it!!rii=b9_21310...


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