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HADD's mission is to make life better for people affected by ADHD

HADD-ADHD Ireland along with the Coca EU Project and Trinity College are delighted to announce this FREE talk, with ground breaking experts from around Europe.

Dr. Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga Doctor in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and is an accepted European leader on ADHD in teenagers and adults and will present an "Update on the assessment and treatment of ADHD in adults"

HADD-ADHD Ireland Ireland’s support organisation for people with ADHD, is delighted to let you know that internationally renowned expert Fintan Regan who is also a former teacher and principal for children with ADHD will be delivering a full day course which will deliver a range of practical strategies to support learning, behavioural and socialisation objectives within schools and the home environment.

We will also focus on how teachers and parents and carers can work in partnership to meet the needs of children and young persons with ADHD and co-existing conditions.

Our busy brains spur us to the heights of innovation — so we should celebrate our out-of-the-box thinkers, not force them to conform.

If people with ADHD are consistently found on the cutting edge of human innovation — inventing the light bulb, starting Apple computers and other Fortune 500 companies, taking Olympic gold medals, writing bestsellers, directing movies, winning the Super Bowl — why do we continue to accept the words deficit and disorder as part of the definition?

If you have a child who’s been diagnosed with ADHD, you may be facing a decision whether to try medication. Stimulant medications have been shown repeatedly to be the most effective treatment for the symptoms of ADHD, helping kids pay attention, concentrate, manage their impulses, and avoid risky behaviors. About 80 percent of kids who try stimulant medications for ADHD find that they have a positive effect on symptoms. To put that in perspective, there is no other medication for a psychiatric condition that has such a high response rate.

Is neglecting different thinkers keeping your business from the brightest talent?

What links Charles Darwin, Jerry Seinfeld, Emily Dickinson and Courtney Love? It sounds like the start of a highly improbable joke. But the answer – they have all been diagnosed to be, or are assumed to have been, on the autism spectrum – shouldn’t come as a surprise. A link between certain neurological conditions and high performance, whether in evolutionary theory or stand-up comedy, has long been acknowledged. And finally business is starting to use this information to its advantage.


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