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We want your playlists!

Thanks to everyone who joined in on the webinar recently! One of the big things we took away is that we all need playlists!

Here at HADD-ADHD Ireland we love our playlists, so yes at times the office does actually rock (and loudly so). Send us your playlist and we will publish one every week for the next 4 weeks. And if it’s your playlist we choose, you will get a €10 One for All voucher!

Never underestimate the power of loving, dedicated parents to change the health system…..

A report from the UK that looks at ADHD and its impact and what must be done to achieve equity for these particularly vulnerable children, so they might be able to reach their exceptional potential as they progress into adulthood.



The mother of a young woman who was told by a teacher that her ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) was a “disease” wants to see more educational supports put in place for pupils with the condition.

Kate Gaynor, from Enniskillen, also wants health authorities to avoid young people becoming “lost in transition” from child and adolescent mental health services to adult services.

Her daughter Sarah was diagnosed with ADD when she was 14 years old.

Talking Back to ADHD Checklist

1. Understand ADHD: See an ADHD symptom as an ADHD symptom. Distractibility, forgetfulness, unawareness of time, procrastination, inefficiency, impulsiveness, reactivity, and all the rest of ADHD are not a judgment. If you were wheezing, you’d get rid of the mold in your basement, make lifestyle changes, and find a doctor you trust. Around ADHD, almost any symptom can be managed by seeing it for what it is, particularly as it reflects on self-management skills.

The kid who is too loud and winds up the in principal’s office every week for acting up — and who is kind and loyal to his friends, hugs you tight at bedtime, and tells you that you are the best mom…and means it. That wonderful kid!

You know the one I mean.

The one who is always being sent to the principal’s office for some random offense.

The one who tells his teachers what he thinks.


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