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HADD's mission is to make life better for people affected by ADHD

With 1 in 20 pupils having ADHD, this course will give you the essential knowledge to help and support an ADHD child in your classroom!

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ADHD Ireland's mission is to make life better for people affected by ADHD. To help us achieve this we are looking to appoint a part-time Volunteer Manager and a part-time Communications and Education Manager. Please see below for details:

UCD Babylab Team are currently running a study exploring group differences between children with ADHD within the family and those without.The aim of this study is to help identify if there may be any early indicators for ADHD for future research. Research such as this is in its infancy - excuse the pun!!

Brain breaks and focused attention practices help students feel relaxed and alert and ready to learn.

Seven tools to help parents bring out the absolute best in your their children with ADHD.

One parent, troubled that her child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) didn’t do as well in school as his classmates, began to look for his strengths. She noticed her boy’s creative and artistic talents, and started to foster those qualities.


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